Miniature keys: FH3000


Precise, temperature stable mechanism, due to hydraulic magnetic technology Overcurrent sensing mechanism reacts only to changes of current No ‘warm-up’ period to slow down its  response to overload. No ‘cooldown’ period after overload before it can be reset. Derating considerations due to temperature variations are not normally required and heat-induced nuisance tripping is avoided A common trip linkage between all poles, another safety feature, ensures that an overload in one pole will trip all adjacent poles A trip-free mechanism, a safety feature, makes it impossible to manually hold the contacts closed during overcurrent or fault conditions Standard dimensions, mounting and current ratings provide maximum application
versatility Wide range: current ratings to 700 Amps and rated voltages to 600 VAC and 110 VDC are available Options: series trip, mid-trip, switch only (with or without auxiliary switch), remote shutdown, shunt trip, and dual coil circuit options are available

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